Welcome To Wuxi KangTe Electronics Co。, Ltd。

Hot key words:Corona treatment equipment,Corona shelf,Electrostatic eliminator

Pioneering technology

Adopting the leading power technology of Europe and America
With 30-year experiences of independent development and production, we are keeping up with cutting-edge technology .

First-rate service

Mastering all kinds of maintenance technology of corona treatment equipment and providing spare parts
Providing the best surface treatment product and service

Excellent quality

High reliability, high efficiency, small size and modularization
Several years of no-failure operation

Wuxi Helie electric equipment factory is the predecessor of Wuxi Kang Te Electronics Co., Ltd.. The scientific and technical personnel of our company began to develop and produce the electronic impact mill in 1981. With the basis of success of the five dynasties electronic impact mill, we succeed in high-efficient electronic impact mill of CTG series, with adopting the advanced technology of Europe and America as well as the power theories, such as, resonance and resistance transformation technology(MRC-PWM, FB-PWM) and Microprogrammed Control Unit.

After years of actual use, our products are confirmed by stable property, reliable quality and convenience to use. Our products are top at home and abroad, which pass the detection and identification of provincial level.


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